Stone Benchtops

If you’re looking for a more premium feel, the timelessness and depth of colour in a stone benchtop is unrivalled. Engineered and natural stone bench tops will afford you a kitchen, bathroom or laundry bench that you’ll be truly proud of. Even in a commercial setting they take the look and feel of your space to the next level.

There are 2 types of stone benchtops engineered stone and In house factors to consider Stone

For supreme design, proven durability and complete peace of mind, insiston an Experto Kitchen stone benchtop. we’re here to help.

Engineered Stone

Engineered stone is a man made material, fabricated from natural quartz and a balance of resins and pigments (generally 93-94% quartz and 6-7% resin & pigments).

In House Factors to Consider Stone

When considering Engg. Stone stone for your house exterior, there are a few factors to keep in mind. From cost and durability to climate resistance, understanding these elements will help you make an informed decision when choosing the right stone type(s) for your home.

Stone Benchtops

Uniquartz Range
Uniquartz comes in an extensive range of colours that has something for everyone and every décor theme. With both light through to dark colours and both marble and granite looks along with the currently trending terrazzo type patterns, you can choose your style and also have all the benefits of a precision engineered stone. Throughout New Zealand this brand is well known and trusted, stone fabricators are used to working with this product, it is easy to care for and robust which means that the desired look is achieved with a product that will last and be a part of the story of your unique installation. each design is available in 20mm or 30mm thickness, the slab sizes are 3.20 x 1.60 M